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Bhavana Balsawer’s TV Serials

TV Serials Gutur Gu: Mrs. Babita Kumar – Though a victim of her husbands stringent personality Babita still considers him as her Parmeshwaar. A loving mom extremely possessive about her child Balu, Mrs. Babita Kumar is a typical Indian mom who cares too much for her child and pours out her emotions to her child [...]


Ayub Khan’s Television Shows

TV Serials Rakhi – Ek Atoot Rishte Ki Dor: Bhai Raja – He promises his dying mom that he will take care of his younger bro and sis. His day starts along with looking at his sis Nandini’s face. There is an unconditional love and bond between him and his sis Nandini. Jite Hai Jiske [...]

Khushboo Singh Television Serials

TV Serials Grihasti: Simar – She is the eldest child of Balraj and Amrit Khuranaa. She is both wise and intelligent, although a total introvert as she realizes that she is plain to the point of being considered ugly by a few. Simar therefore, though the eldest and the one who will naturally be expected [...]


Rahul Mahajan date of birth age height and latest news

Personal Profile Name: Rahul Mahajan dad’s Name:Pramod Mahajan mom’s Name:Rekha Mahajan Spouse :Shweta Singh Dimpy Mahajan Date of Birth:25 July 1975 Age :38 yrs Birth place:Ambajogai, MAH, India Home town:Bombay, Entertainer Nationality :India Political party: Member of Bhartiyaa Janataa Party, MAH, India Occupation:Political leader Rahul Mahajan Biography Rahul mahajan was born in 1974, in a [...]


Prerna Wanvari biography age height and latest news

Personal Profile Name: Prerna Wanvari Place of Birth: Andheri, Bombay, india Dob: 22 Nov 1989 Age: 23 Location: Bombay, Dancing mom Tounge: Sindhi Debut Serial: B, India Profession: artist Height: 5′ 9 Weight: 49 Kg Sex: Female Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Nationality: Indian Religion: Hinduism likes: Acting andini on Imagine Tv Current Serial: [...]


A list of Ridhi Dogra Vashisth’s serials

TV Serials Maryadaa Lekin Kab Tak?: Ridhi Dogra as Priya Pradhaan – Our Main lead role is a pretty girl much mature above her yrs. Being a university principals child, she grew up in a disciplined atmosphere. She was righteous and stood for all that was right. In the beginning she was a outgoing, sociable, friendly and [...]