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Arunima Sharma pics photoshoot wallpapers

Arunima Sharma is protective about her sis in the tv show Kasaam Se, on Sony. She lived in Assaam along with her family until a desire to do further studies got her to Bombay in ’97. Although she got tied the knot in the meantime, and her plans changed. Arunima, who claims to be happy-go-lucky, [...]


A list of Jiten Lalwani’s serials

TV Serials Kyonki Sas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: Kiran Virani – He is the grandson of Baa and child of Mansuk Virani and Savitaa Virani. He was tied the knot with Arti. He has a child Karishmaa. Sasural Genda Phool: Inder Kashyaap – He is Eeshwar and Shailjaas child. He is a really bright young [...]


Samiksha family father mother sister and brother

She was seen as a model for countless print ads for reputed brands such as Kit-Kat, Monte Carlo, Americaan Express Card, Havell s switch , World Gold Council, mom Dairy, Amwaay and T. V commercial s such as Johnson baby prickly heat powder, Hyundai Xing, Sunsilk and Metro tyres, Univercell mobile. Samiksha made her Career-staart [...]


Hunar Hali’s TV Serials

TV Serials Sasural Genda Phool: Sonali – young days buddy of Ishan. Landed after 15 yrs in Kashyaap Parivaar to make Suhanaa realise her love for Ishan. 12/24 Karol Bagh: Mili Sethi – The youngest sibling, Mili , simply wants to rise above the middle-class clutter. She is a bold girl, focused on making something [...]


Karaan Singh biography age height and latest news

Karaan Singh, is a delhi based guy, mechanical engineer by profession, happens to be in tinsel town to chase his dreams as he always had a keen interest in acting. Because of his creative bent of mind, he had starting doing theatre, dramas, epics, plays , various dancing compititions from his college days. His Experience [...]


Ankit Arora Television Serials

TV Serials Jyoti: Vikrant – Vikrant is cousin of Kabir and he gets back to the haveli after completing university. The entire household is delighted to see him come home. Vikrant is a typical playboy who does not fear to trap ladies. He is really shrewd and understands that she should not bring a black [...]

Rajesh Puri Soap Details

TV Serials Sonu Sweety: Boss – A funny man, keeps on giving advice to Sonu. Sonu along with all hard work never ever has come clean in front of boss. Although as an when required , he comes to resque as well. Parvaarish – Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi: Papaaji A – Likeable old man, Mr. [...]