Do you know all the shows that Sharad Malhotra has worked in?

TV Serials

Sharad Malhotra in Banu Main Teri Dukhan: Sagaar – Sagaar is Vidya’s spouse. He suffered from an accident that makes him have a mind of an 8, or nine-yr-old. He is susceptible to his sis Sindoora, who misguides him time to time. Vidya took Sagaar to Singapore to get him cured. Now Sagaar has recovered and is completely normal. He has forgot the last 2 yrs of his life after his accident. Thus he does not remember Vidya or his foster kid Sameer. His marriage is to Vidya is veiled to him as the household is afraid that if they tell this truth, he might suffer a few shock. So Sagaar thinks that Vidya is a pity maidservant, told by her family. Although Sagaar starts getting glimpses of his 2-yr past. . . Along with Vidya.