Hunar Hali’s TV Serials

TV Serials

Sasural Genda Phool: Sonali – young days buddy of Ishan. Landed after 15 yrs in Kashyaap Parivaar to make Suhanaa realise her love for Ishan.

12/24 Karol Bagh: Mili Sethi – The youngest sibling, Mili , simply wants to rise above the middle-class clutter. She is a bold girl, focused on making something of her life. She knows the value of money as she saw her family struggle. Thus she ends up doing work really early in life, doing odd jobs in fast food restaurants while pursuing a career in designing with. Mili is the smartest and perceptive of all siblings. She is a complete no-nonsense person. No guy dares to mess along with her. Mili gives priority to material things over relationships. , in the bargain loses out on a pretty future along with a young man Mohit who comes to stay as a Pg in their house and falls in love along with her.

Mukti Bandhaan: Nirali Virani

Chhal-Sheh Aur Mat: Neha Shikhawat/aaditi Jasiwaal Rishi’s spouse/Kabir’s spouse