Rajesh Puri Soap Details

TV Serials

Sonu Sweety: Boss – A funny man, keeps on giving advice to Sonu. Sonu along with all hard work never ever has come clean in front of boss. Although as an when required , he comes to resque as well.

Parvaarish – Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi: Papaaji A – Likeable old man, Mr. Khannaa comes along with his own share of goods and bads. A man steeped in his ‘Paramparaa’ and ‘sanskriti’ although along with a touch of flexibility, ready to bend a little as time passes. This man believes in doing the ‘right thing’ even if it might do more damage compared to great at times. Papaaji stays along with his child and child in law ‘ Lovely & Dolly and has 3 children ‘ Sweety, Pinky & Lovely.